Web Index Report: threats to online freedom and democracy grow ever more

Back in my university days, I learned of a useful framework for analysing the ills of the educational system called "ABCs". It stands for: Access and participation, Bureaucracy and control, and (Counter-)Consciousness formation. The ABCs describe the fundamental problems faced by the educational … [Read more...]

Five good reads: collaborative economy value chain; Google Mine; finding meaning in stories and numbers; a platform for whistleblowers; and freedom from fear

1. Keynote: The Collaborative Economy with Jeremiah Owyang http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/collaborative-economy-keynote-jeremiah-owyang The collaborative economy: an economic model where ownership and access are shared between people, startups, and corporations. What this means: the … [Read more...]

Socbiz insights: on social media and storytelling

The most important lesson there is to learn in social media advocacy is this: you must let the truth get in the way of storytelling. Whether you are advocating a cause on social media or creating a branded story for a company, I would urge you to remain steadfast in telling the truth. Don't let a … [Read more...]

Digital diplomacy and real-world conflicts

I first heard about the arrest of comedian and satirist Bassem Youssef on the opening sequence of 'The Daily Show" last Monday. Jon Stewart lambasted President Mohamed Morsi for Egypt’s continuing investigation of Youssef -- not for mocking the President but for defamation of his religion. A … [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing: more than just an online solution

Interesting development in the Philippines: The Crowdsourcing Act of 2012 introduced by Senator TG Guingona, the lone dissenter in the passing of the Cybercrime Law.  The Senator is asking for comments, acknowledging that as a first draft, this bill is far from perfect. So here are my three thoughts … [Read more...]

Politics, social media and magic realism

I wrote about the case of Senator Vicente Sotto of the Philippines and the criticism he got (and is receiving) from Filipino netizens. I said that though the issue snowballed in social media networks, the real "issue is not just about blogging, or copyright or giving proper attribution. This goes … [Read more...]