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A Call for Content Crusaders

Rise above content mediocrity. Unmoor yourself from mechanical production.
Pave the way to purpose and passion.

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How do you shift from simply making content to making content that benefits people and your business?

Sign up and grab your free copy of the “4-part Quick Guide to Becoming a Content Crusader". It lists action steps that will shape the formation of a Content-as-Product mindset. You'll get the following handouts and templates: a list of quick start questions, the Persona Development template, a handout on content gaps and opportunities, and the Content Roadmap template. Get cracking on strategic thinking while actually getting things done!

Are you making content that's harmful for your business?

Content is harmful when it's mediocre. Mediocre content disguises itself as achievement.

Mediocre content is easy to churn out because it’s generic and focused only on one thing: the sales pitch.
We spend money and energy on promotions, blog posts, and ads that all say, “Look at how much I know!”, “I’m the best!”, “Buy from me!”.

But here's the inconvenient truth: nobody gives a damn about our sales pitch.

In today's hyper-social and collaborative world,
people won't care about how much we know
until they know first how much we care.

Self-serving sales pitches only add to the overwhelm our audience is experiencing. With only 1,440 minutes in a day and as many as 5,000 marketing messages vying for their attention daily, the only message mediocre content leaves them behind is that we don’t care enough to make a difference.

Which is exactly the opposite of who we really are. No one is more passionate in solving problems than entrepreneurs.
This passion for solutions is the very thing we innately possess that can compel our audience to look our way...but only if we are truly focused on solving the problems that our audience want to resolve.

So why settle for mediocre, self-serving, and intrusive content that ends up pushing away those we want to serve?

This is my proposal: Let's start treating content as if it were our product. Measure its business value in how well it solves people's problems or fulfils their needs. Let's claim our CONTENT ZONE of AUTHORITY -- the niche where we can develop media and resources that combine competency, passion, and utility. Committing ourselves to content that educates and elevates people is the honest way of winning them to our side, and the first step in transforming content into an unfair advantage for our business.

From Content Maker to Content Crusader

Break free from the
Content Machine

Build content that's rooted in people's needs. By enabling our audience to be better in the things they love to do, we earn the privilege of forging relationships with them.

Show me how

Content that helps people helps business

How many times have you felt that rush of relief when a timely advice prevented you from making a huge mistake? Did you feel pride when that small but valuable nugget of information you discovered made you a star in your client's eyes? Did you also raise your fist in the air and roar, 'Yeah!' when that online course you took elevated your work from good to outstanding? Did you ever utter a silent thanks to whoever created that content that saved your day? Afterwards, weren’t you more open to listen to what that content creator had to offer you?

Help, not hype

When we provide valuable content that solves real-life problems, we make our brand relevant in each phase of the customer's decision-making process. People are more willing to listen to those who promise to create value in the content they offer.

Educate, not pitch

Be the information hero people can rely on — the business that helps them make the right choices and become better in what they do. The best time for pitches is when our audience become our fans. It’s way easier to sell to fans than strangers.

Solve, human-to-human

Dharmesh Shah said it best: people buy from people, not companies. The end goal for developing remarkable and valuable content is not to appease the Content Machine: it is to solve for humans. Content Marketing starts and ends with people and their experiences.

The Content Crusader’s Quest

Elevate people to greater heights

The smartest way to attract our ideal audience and nurture communities is to master the creation and distribution of content that genuinely helps people. For this quest we'll need a strategy, a system, and a lot of courage. If you'll bring courage, I'll bring the strategy and system.

Courage is my middle name

What I can do for you

Develop your customer personas

Customer personas form the core of any content and social marketing strategy. I'll help you get deeper and actionable insights on your target audience’s decision making cycle vis a vis your selling cycle or marketing targets. We can then see which touchpoints can best be supported by content and social media, and how to better optimise content for discovery and conversion.

This persona development was critical in helping us tailor our messaging. Timi was also able to easily understand the complex processes and helped us to transfer it to our messaging." - Andres Ramirez, International Sales Director & Distribution Channel Director

Define your Content Zone of Authority

Your Content Zone of Authority is the niche where you can be both competent and passionate in content creation, while preserving utility for your target groups. We'll pinpoint the sweet spot between your persona's needs and your value proposition in order to derive cornerstone themes and topics for your business. This will help you chart a content roadmap for your customers.

I've known Timi for many years and worked together on numerous projects. She delivers a valuable mix of strategic thinking and getting stuff done...she helped shape our thinking on content strategy; avoiding the predictable answers in an effective and refreshing way. - Olly Wright, Strategist

Chart your Content Roadmap

A Content Roadmap helps you stay relevant in all points of choice of your audience. Based on persona and their information needs, your content authority niche, and business objectives, we'll identify the compelling themes and topics throughout the customer's decision-making journey. I'll pinpoint content gaps and opportunities in each phase so you can better plan which content to develop.

Ever thought about your Content Brand Mission? No? then I urge you to hire Timi. Her style is pleasant, inspiring and talks with great passion and empathy for the audience. - Sun Van denbrande, Business Advisor and Success Coach

Build your Minimum Viable Content (MVC)

Your MVC is a means to deliver strategic content that provides real value for customers. It enables you to test assumptions and learn from feedback. Think of it as the basic version of a media resource you can create or optimise to address your most urgent business goal. It's minimum so we can elevate what's important and create focus to make it more compelling.

What is unique about Timi is not just the creative quality of her marketing campaign concepts, but the integrated approach she applies to them…Her ability to guide projects from strategy to concept until implementation-ready status is extremely valuable for start-ups. - Ron van Valkengoed, Technology entrepreneur


Coming soon: a course on Minimum Viable Content

Are you creating a lot of content but it doesn't seem to help your business grow? Are you disappointed with how social media is not delivering the value you expected?  Is your head filled with exciting content ideas but you don't know where and how to begin?

I'm in the early stage of developing an online course for small business and entrepreneurs on how to create their own 'Minimum Viable Content (MVC)'. I'd like to help you focus and simplify your content and social efforts to make it more compelling, manageable, and a source of customer insights.

If you'd like updates on the MVC course (i.e. topics to be covered, registration, launch date, other course-related announcements,) please sign up for my list. Thank you!

P.S. If you can share some insights on the kind of knowledge you'd like to gain in this course, please answer the question below. Your answers will help me tailor the course better for the needs of small business and entrepreneurs. I appreciate your help!

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What are the important points to remember when developing content strategy and marketing?
* Your strategy for winning shouldn't be based on how much content you can produce.
* Efficiency in content production is secondary to relevance and utility of content. There's nothing more inefficient than efficiently creating content which should not be made at all.
* Prioritise the development of content that educates and elevates. Because it creates more value for people, it will thus drive more conversion to business.
* Focusing on content that helps people make better decisions is what will elevate you into a Content Authority and will distinguish you from the rest of the content makers.

Consider this: if you can only spend on one piece of content, what would it be? I'd say, focus on the Problem-Solution type. It's rooted in people's needs and therefore, relevant and authentic. Greater Authenticity + Greater Relevance = Better Conversion Chances. The next challenge is to know what kind of content to make -- as well as the scope and scale of production and distribution. This requires a deep understanding of the problems and desires of our audience.

What difference can you make for me?
I will harmonise the three major elements of content marketing strategy to jumpstart your transformation into a Content Crusader: customer personas, content zone of authority, and content offerings for each phase of your customer's decision-making journey. In doing so, your business gets to prioritise the basic set of content that moves people from solutions-unaware to committed-to-action. If we put in the work and stay focused, they'll make their next move with us.

I'm just a small business owner. A content programme sounds too big for me...
You need, perhaps even more than big business, laser-sharp focus in the choices you make in marketing. You cannot win the content mass production game, but you can claim your niche. A Content Crusader Programme can be instrumental in securing your Content Zone of Authority by guiding the development of your Minimum Viable Content -- the best content you can make that's good for business and useful for your audience within the limited resources you have. With the Content Crusader Programme, you don't have to settle for less -- you don't skimp on the strategic solution because what we will scale is the approach.

Let's start making meaningful content that solves, saves, and sells

Hello, I'm Timi

I help you advance from Content Maker to Content Crusader. I believe that the most honest and lasting strategy for audience-building is transmuting your competency and passion into content that solves people's real-world problems. My passion for social and content is anchored by my solid experience in requirements management, teaching, and development communications. This enables me to apply an integrated approach to projects and provide holistic solutions. The people I work with always get the total value they deserve.

Karim Boutouta and Andries Bautista, Superhuman

"Timi has great energy while speaking and knows how to simplify complicated matters so her audience can fully understand the topic she is talking about...She gave me fresh insights on how to communicate the message as a company with our clients."

Graham Bolton, Data modeling practitioner, renowned software quality expert

"Timi really knows her stuff about content marketing. She challenged our perceptions and helped us to understand our customers and market better. She is enthusiastic and energetic, and brings knowledge and experience to the table."