What’s in a name: content strategy, content marketing, content brand

Content machine or content brand?

I enjoyed the Gamification course last year on Coursera, so I decided to take up another course: Content Strategy for Professionals. While it is already what I do (having naturally blossomed from my work on social business strategy, digital strategy, online marketing, and copywriting), I think it's … [Read more...]

Web Index Report: threats to online freedom and democracy grow ever more

Back in my university days, I learned of a useful framework for analysing the ills of the educational system called "ABCs". It stands for: Access and participation, Bureaucracy and control, and (Counter-)Consciousness formation. The ABCs describe the fundamental problems faced by the educational … [Read more...]

Five good reads: iPad UX guidelines, Event marketing, Pinterest analytics, Content strategy for your boss, Make social media personal again

1. iPad User Experience Guidelines http://uxmag.com/articles/ipad-user-experience-guidelines Helpful even for  non-designers (like me). It helps give you the big view on how to build user experience on the iPad. 2. The Definitive Guide to Event … [Read more...]

Socbiz insights: on brand authenticity

Used to be that when you were on social, you were an authentic brand. But with everyone on social these days and hyper-focused on amassing likes, how can you really claim brand authenticity? My answer then is the same as now: don't take short-cuts, don't cherry pick. Social is not an add-on. Caring … [Read more...]

Five good reads: e-commerce, blog as new ad unit, success in giving, on social media, productivity and costs

The next phase of e-commerce | The blog post as the new ad unit | The most successful type at work: not the Taker but the Giver | Social media as part of the changing nature of knowledge work | Social media isn't free 1. Japan’s Answer to Jeff Bezos Sets Sights on Amazon, … [Read more...]

Socbiz insights: what makes a bad business fail faster?

A hollow social media presence is bad for business. To be good in social means to be good in your business first. … [Read more...]