Google Glass is coming — will your business be wearable?

Wearable computing is about to change a lot of the ways we create design, individual user experience, and how we interact with others. Google Glass will definitely amp the augmented reality (AR) sector, with the games and toys industry as the most obvious beneficiary. Take a look at these AR toys at the Toy Fair 2013, for instance. I already admire what’s being done now (via mobile phones and computers), but I can imagine the UX will be better with wearable computing like Google Glass instead of just using our mobile phones. Less awkward maybe or less clumpy, more fluid motions hopefully?

Expect a surge in the development, production and demand of ‘augmented reality’ toys and games, especially with the coming of Google Glass and mainstreaming of wearable computing. What will our kids be playing next? I think that the tech gap between parents and kids will actually get smaller as technology for games and toys become even more interactive and social.

Sphero Ball and Sharky the Beaver shows augmented reality that is not just visual driven.

Augmented reality pop-up books getting better and better

Is your business ready to adapt to this new wave of technological changes?

Interfaces and touchpoints are about to become even more layered and complex — interactive artefacts are about to take the stage — and yet a lot of business are still stuck in traditional marketing, sales, and mass media mentality. No judgement here as to why they are not moving forward — I know it’s a whole gamut of reasons and circumstances — but technological developments such as wearable computing and augmented reality only stresses the need for organisations to adapt now…or die. And not because of the technology per se, but because of the changes in people’s behaviour and mindset that always comes along with technological changes.

Is your organisation flexible and prepared to be disrupted once again? How ‘wearable’ — how relevant — will your business be in the coming phase of wearable computing? Will you lead or follow? Will your business disturb or enhance this experience? How can you help your customers find relevance and value amidst these changes?

Google glass: will your business be wearable?

To pique your curiosity even more, here are 10 use cases people have in mind for Google Glass.

1. Enhancing Surgery With Augmented Reality
2. Revolutionizing Higher Education
3. Enhancing Less Formal, More Hands-On Learning
4. Augmented Reality Gaming
5. Overcoming Disabilities
6. Stargazing
7. Healthier Living
8. Reconnecting With History
9. Augmented Reality Art
10. Real-Time Language Translation

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