How mediocre content harms your business

Marketing and mediocrity ala Dilbert

Content is harmful when it's mediocre. Mediocre content disguises itself as achievement. Mediocre content is easy to churn out because it’s generic and focused only on one thing: the sales pitch. We spend money and energy on promotions, blog posts, and ads that all say, “Look at how much I know!”, … [Read more...]

The intrinsic value of culture for entrepreneurs

Characteristics of cultural entrepreneurs

"Culture is power. It connects people to their roots and to one another. Those who understand where they come from and celebrate who they are, are better at imagining what they can achieve." The economy of culture, the culture of economy The interplay between culture and economy is vast and … [Read more...]

How can small businesses increase organic reach on Facebook?


There's a strategic way small businesses can increase organic reach on Facebook with minimum costs despite its push for paid posts and other issues cited in "The problem with Facebook" video. "The Problem with Facebook" is an insightful video that raises the right kind of questions. I agree that … [Read more...]

What’s in a name: content strategy, content marketing, content brand

Content machine or content brand?

I enjoyed the Gamification course last year on Coursera, so I decided to take up another course: Content Strategy for Professionals. While it is already what I do (having naturally blossomed from my work on social business strategy, digital strategy, online marketing, and copywriting), I think it's … [Read more...]

Altimeter report: The state of social business 2013

"What was previously a series of initiatives driven by marketing and PR is now evolving into a social business movement that looks to scale and integrate social across the organization. The following report reveals how businesses are expanding social efforts and investments. As social approaches its … [Read more...]

Five good reads: handy content strategy checklists, nothing-to-hide privacy, don’t shortchange framing the question

1. 3 Angles to Create Magnetic Content with the Triangle of Relevance Before diving into content planning, consider the Triangle of Relevance approach: "a content strategy … [Read more...]