Ad blocking can drive digital transformation

Rolling Roadblock by B4bees

It may appear counter-intuitive but ad blocking can drive digital transformation in businesses. Ad blocking has been happening long before the onset of ad-blocking apps. People have been ignoring irrelevant ads for years. We have advertising blindness despite (and maybe because of) being exposed to … [Read more...]

How mediocre content harms your business

Marketing and mediocrity ala Dilbert

Content is harmful when it's mediocre. Mediocre content disguises itself as achievement. Mediocre content is easy to churn out because it’s generic and focused only on one thing: the sales pitch. We spend money and energy on promotions, blog posts, and ads that all say, “Look at how much I know!”, … [Read more...]

Meaningful content, meaningful relationships

Seth Godin on finding meaning

Meaningful content is the means to meaningful relationships. This should be the goal of your content marketing strategy. Content marketing is all about discovering, convincing, converting, and retaining your ideal customers. Finding meaning, making a difference -- apply this to content.  Be a … [Read more...]

Quiet innovation: make it easier to help and ask for help

Quiet innovation: making it easier to help and ask for help

Innovation is seldom quiet.  We often think of it in grand terms -- something high tech and groundbreaking,  something larger than life and way out of our reach.  That's because we, as benefactors, often see the end result first. But for those at the forefront of change, innovation trudges … [Read more...]

Web Index Report: threats to online freedom and democracy grow ever more

Back in my university days, I learned of a useful framework for analysing the ills of the educational system called "ABCs". It stands for: Access and participation, Bureaucracy and control, and (Counter-)Consciousness formation. The ABCs describe the fundamental problems faced by the educational … [Read more...]

Altimeter report: The state of social business 2013

"What was previously a series of initiatives driven by marketing and PR is now evolving into a social business movement that looks to scale and integrate social across the organization. The following report reveals how businesses are expanding social efforts and investments. As social approaches its … [Read more...]