Resilience and the gamer

Here's Jane McGonigal on TED Talk: [ted id=1501] … [Read more...]

Google Glass is coming — will your business be wearable?

Wearable computing is about to change a lot of the ways we create design, individual user experience, and how we interact with others. Google Glass will definitely amp the augmented reality (AR) sector, with the games and toys industry as the most obvious beneficiary. Take a look at these AR toys at … [Read more...]

Let’s ask Farmville to lend a helping hand to storm victims in the Philippines

via Filipinos are crazy about Farmville. For the longest time, I tried to stay its lure, but eventually I succumbed to its calling. During the first 4 days of the storm, the absence of Farmville feeds from my Philippines network was striking. It's just a game, but I knew what … [Read more...]

User experience insight from a 5-yr. old

My "inaanak" (Filipino for "godson"), Egbert, had his birthday party last Saturday. He's turning 5 on Aug. 10. I got him a rubber dinosaur and a portable game gadget (the cheap ones) for his present. The gagdet contained some 20 simple, retro games -- the stuff I played myself all those years ago. … [Read more...]

Gameplay today: social, multi-platform and integrated

It seems there are two major developments that have been steadily spreading across the gaming landscape: While video and web games are increasingly becoming social,  functionality and solutions are gearing towards a multi-platform framework. Extending and enhancing of gameplay via real … [Read more...]

Augmented reality virtual pet on the iphone

"This is a first peek at an augmented reality virtual pet game being developed for the iPhone in the GVU Center's Augmented Environments Lab at Georgia Tech." As a game, this is already pretty awesome. What I think would make it more valuable for me (and others users) is the possibility of bringing … [Read more...]