Brand journalism as a pillar for content strategy

‘Brand journalism’ sounds like a clever approach to becoming a ‘content brand’. The key element: branded stories that fluidly take the shape of any social/online platforms where it will be shared. Imagine a “…branded content hub from which most other social tactics emanate.”

Brand journalism: content that personifies your passions

In my last blog post on becoming a great content brand, I wrote: “We have to transcend being makers and marketers of content. We need to transform into a brand that is famous and respected for creating content that is remarkable, useful, and trustworthy.” Where to start? The article suggests three broad steps:

  • Let your data speak to you about your users’ needs. Data will become the new soil in which ideas will grow…” Do proper research and analysis. Invest in knowing damn well who your audience are. Don’t invent insights. Create personas that can guide you to creating beter-targeted content.
  • Create a branded narrative. Simply put: The heart of your brand is the story you tell. So what would it be? Which story will unfold at every touchpoint of your customers’ journey? Will it move them? Will your own employees stand by your stories? Your story will give birth to what kinds of content? How can your content personify your passions?
  • Create / Support the ecosystem where your stories will live. Your brand stories are echoes of a greater voice. What’s the lifestyle that surrounds your stories? Go beyond me-content like product shoots and CEO-interviews. Your ecosystem provides countless potential content for your product or service. Think of tools or other platforms that can amplify the chorus of stories beyond your own.

*Royalty-free image used by: Roland Ally 

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