How can small businesses increase organic reach on Facebook?


There's a strategic way small businesses can increase organic reach on Facebook with minimum costs despite its push for paid posts and other issues cited in "The problem with Facebook" video. "The Problem with Facebook" is an insightful video that raises the right kind of questions. I agree that … [Read more...]

Altimeter report: The state of social business 2013

"What was previously a series of initiatives driven by marketing and PR is now evolving into a social business movement that looks to scale and integrate social across the organization. The following report reveals how businesses are expanding social efforts and investments. As social approaches its … [Read more...]

Key business areas that drive social media success


We want to be good in social media to become better business. But we also need to be a better business first if we want to be successful in social media. What makes social technologies disruptive and success in social media elusive is the fact that social media in practice is not just about social … [Read more...]

Are you building a content machine or a content brand?

Content machine or content brand?

First, there was a rush to create content for the Web in the hope that we may strike gold and go viral. Then we realised that creating content was as much as science as art. To get our audience to stop, look, like, and share our content demanded creativity, usability, and resonance in our … [Read more...]

Social business and the 16 attributes of trust

Who do you trust? According to The 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, neither CEOs nor government officers (although businesses are distrusted less than government).  There is a crisis in leadership: trust in ethics and morality of business and government leaders is very low. It's not surprising then … [Read more...]

Infographic: Brand advocates and why they matter

Great infographic from The Dachis Group on Brand Advocacy. It gives a good overview of the types of advocates, why they matter, and how you can best connect and sustain relationships with them. Remember when it comes to buying: "people listen to people, not traditional marketing." [slideshare … [Read more...]