Five good reads: iPad UX guidelines, Event marketing, Pinterest analytics, Content strategy for your boss, Make social media personal again

1. iPad User Experience Guidelines

Helpful even for  non-designers (like me). It helps give you the big view on how to build user experience on the iPad.

2. The Definitive Guide to Event Marketing

You have to register to download this but it just takes a few seconds and it’s worth it. Events can fuel your content marketing strategy and strengthen customer relationships.

3. How to Use Pinterest Analytics: 6 Metrics Worth Measuring
So which Pinterest metrics are worth measuring? This is a good guide for using Pinterest Web Analytics and getting familiar with the type of metrics that matter.

4. How to Get Your Boss to Care About Content Marketing

Great and solid tips on selling content marketing to the C-suite, your managers, your colleagues…and yourself.

5. When Did Social Media Lose Its Way? [INFOGRAPHIC]

“…Emphasize people over posts, humans over handles, and outcomes over activity.” Social business is about intimacy at scale. Small business tend to be a lot more personal with social media and that’s a great advantage, as long as it’s guided by strategy, of course. We all know how time and energy-consuming being social can be.

Social media should be personal again.

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